8 Ideas to Make Money with Your Creative Hobbies: art, photography, music, cooking, crafts, dance

Make Money with Your Creative Hobbies

Are you looking to make a bit of extra cash? Sure you can work nights as a pizza delivery person, drive for Uber, do some baby sitting. But what if you could put your creative skills or artistic instincts to work as a side hustle? Here are eight ideas for making money from your creative hobbies.

Credit Cards: Points vs Cash Back: Which is better for budget travel hacking?

Credit Cards: Points vs Cash Back

Americans love our credit cards. And almost all credit cards now come with some incentives like points or cash back. I don’t love to do complicated calculations and shuffle a deck of cards every time I want to go shopping but I do want to maximize the benefits of points or cash back.

Geographic Arbitrage: keep living costs low while income is high by relocating

Geographic Arbitrage

Find a way to earn money that is not dependent on you living in one particular high cost location, then move to a low cost location and your money goes a lot farther. Geographic arbitrage can also be great for those who are retired, financially independent or plan to retire early.

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