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60+ Coworking Spaces to Escape to this Winter

Winter is the perfect time of year to escape your normal grind and head out for adventure. In many places it is less crowded than in summer and you can enjoy better prices and more availability.

Digital Nomad Retreats to Escape to this Winter

If you are a digital nomad or location independent worker you can take advantage of your flexibility to escape the cold weather in a sunny location or go enjoy the snowy mountains.

Here are more than 60 favorite coworking spaces to escape to this winter.

Warm Weather Coworking Places to Escape to this Winter

Soak up some sunshine while you get work done. Here are some sunny and tropical coworking locations divided by region and destination.

ASIA / INDIA Coworking Spaces

Beachub, Thailand

KoHub, Thailand

Roam, Tokyo

The Working Capitol, Singapore

Startup Basecamp, Shanghai


Fishburners, Shanghai

Hubud, Bali

Lineup Hub, Bali

Dojo, Bali

Roam, Bali

Outpost, Bali

Saigon Coworking

Start Saigon

Work Saigon

SPACES, Chennai

Nordic International Hub, Goa

Ministry of New, Mumbai


• Base, Melbourne

SPACES, Sydney

The Icehouse, Auckland

Share Space, Queensland

The Arcade, Melbourne

The Commons, Melbourne

York Butter Factory, Melbourne

Stone & Chalk, Sydney

Fishburners, Sydney


CocoVivo, Panama

Impact Hub, Mexico City 

• Urban Station Microcentro, Buenos Aires

CoWork Café, Bolivia

Unsettled, Colombia


Elo Coworking, Brazil 

Unsettled, Nicaragua

Colab CoWorking, Sao Paulo

Publico, Mexico City

HubBog, Bogota

Atom House, Medellin

Unsettled, Peru

WorkingUp, Quito

Puch Village, Bogota

Outsite, Puerto Rico

Sinergia Cowork, Montevideo

• SkyLoft, Costa Rica

CoWork, Costa Rica

Impact Hub, Guatemala

My Office, Panama

Nomad Life, Nicaragua

Impact Hub, San Jose

Outsite, Costa Rica

20Mission, Medellin

AFRICA Coworking Spaces

Sundesk, Morocco

7ay, Morocco

New Work Lab, Morocco

Unsettled, Morocco

CoworkInn, Dahab

OPEN, South Africa

SPACES, South Africa

EUROPE Coworking Spaces

Coworking Las Palmas

bedndesk, Mallorca

SPACES, Barcelona

Coworking Nomad, Tenerife

Nomad Cruise


USA Coworking Spaces

Startup Basecamp, San Francisco

Outsite, San Diego

The Box Jelly, Oahu

Greenhouse Innovation Hub, Oahu

Outside, Oahu

Outsite, Santa Cruz

• Roam, Miami

20Mission, San Francisco

Snowy Weather Coworking Places to Escape to this Winter

Do you prefer snowboarding, ice skating and snowshoeing to soaking up the sun on a tropical beach? Maybe you would like to do remote work in the Alps. Here are some winter wonderland coworking locations for you that are close to the slopes.

The Ski Locker, Chamonix

Reykjavik Coworking

StartUp Reykjavik

The Network Hub, Whistler

The Ski Locker, Colorado

Tahoe Mountain Lab, Lake Tahoe

Spark, Jackson Hole

Hus 24, Stolkholm

Tahoe Mill, Lake Tahoe

Coworking Bansko, Bulgaria

Outsite, Lake Tahoe

The Fort, Mammoth Lakes

ToolBox, Turin


Coconat, Germany

Mountain Coworking Alliance



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