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15 Favorite Female FIRE Bloggers

Although it seems like many personal finance bloggers are male, financial independence is not just for the boys.

Here are some of my favorite female bloggers who cover financial independence and early retirement, also known as FIRE.

Some of these bloggers are single ladies while the majority are part of a couple but the women do most of the writing.

Let me know if you have a favorite female finance blogger to add to this list!

15 Favorite Female Financial Independence Bloggers

FIRECracker of Millennial Revolution

The FIRECracker also known as Kristy says that she’s Canada’s youngest retiree. She and her husband nicknamed Wanderer travel the world while having retired at age 31. They both blog on their website and have been interviewed on TV and many publications. They’re in the process of writing a book too. I really like their Let’s Go Exploring travel series. I also like her no bullshit style.

One of my favorite posts: How I built a 7-figure portfolio

Ms ZiYou of MsZiYou

A lovely personal finance and FIRE blog written by a London lady who works in IT and plans to retire at 40. Along with financial advice and musings she also shares about her hobbies and interests, making the blog a fun read. Even though it is anonymous you do feel like you know a bit about her personality and life. She’s learning Mandarin and has a wonderful garden, what’s not to love?

One of my favorite posts: Bag Lady Fears – Why $1M is not enough for me to retire

Elizabeth of Frugalwoods

Elizabeth Willard Thames is the main writer and voice of the couple known as the Frugalwoods. They have their blog and now a book called Meet the Frugalwoods. They live in rural Vermont, having moved there after retiring early and escaping city life. I enjoy her down to earth writing style.

One of my favorite posts: The Privilege of Pursuing Financial Independence

Amanda of Dumpster Dog Blog

A raw, comedic take on financial freedom, this blog is irreverent and funny. Amanda Holden is a cool chick who teaches financial planning and investing to young people in her daily life and shares stories, tips and thoughts on her R-rated blog.

One of my favorite posts: Avoid Financial Regret: Grannies give money advice to their younger selves

Tanja of Our Next Life

Tanja Hester and her husband Mark are recently retired and living in the mountains, enjoying snow sports and traveling. She blogged anonymously for many years while working in consulting and saving up for early retirement. Now they have retired and have exposed their true identities. She also runs a feminist finance podcast called The Fairer Cents with her friend Kara Perez, and is also writing a book. I love her honesty and clear writing style.

One of my favorite posts: What FIRE Bloggers Owe Readers

Michelle of Making Sense of Cents

While Michelle Schroeder-Gardner is a finance blogger and entrepreneur she is not yet retired, although I am sure she could retire if she wanted to. She blogs about how to make money from websites, side hustles and creative entrepreneurship. Guest posters also share their stories of financial freedom. She is a very successful blogger who makes a great income from her site and shares tips in her helpful course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. Michelle also lives full time in an RV and now a sailboat with her husband and their dogs.

One of my favorite posts: How to Save for a Vacation

Bucket Babe of LeanFireATL

This is one of my favorite finds. A nurse currently on a (permanent?) sabbatical who loves adventure travel and blogs about her path to financial freedom.

One of my favorite posts: Sustainable Slow Travel

Maggie of Northern Expenditure

What’s cooler than an Alaskan family trying to optimize their finances and achieve financial freedom? Maggie Banks writes the family blog and offers all kinds of tips and advice about how to retire early and pay off their mortgage.

One of my favorite posts: The Plan

Penny from She Picks Up Pennies

A personal finance blog with an eye toward frugality, Penny has a friendly tone and offers great tips. I really like the name of this blog. I too love finding money on the ground haha.

One of my favorite posts: No One Owes You an Apology for Spending Money

Olivia of Birds of a Fire

A personal finance site written by a 20-something lady called Olivia, this blog has lots of credit card hacks, ways to save money and many cool ideas for working toward financial independence.

One of my favorite posts: Step by Step Guide to Investing Your Money

Liz of Chief Mom Officer

A mother of three who is the breadwinner of the family while hubby stays home with the kids, Liz blogs about frugality, financial freedom, investing and kids and money. She aims to help working women manage their money and become financially free.

One of my favorite posts: 26 Different Retirement Calculators

Tonya of My Fab Finance

While not a blog about early retirement, My Fab Finance is about financial freedom, money management and entrepreneurship. Tonya Rapley’s wealth building advice is solid, relatable, actionable and aimed at millennial women. Plus she’s gorgeous. (I like looking at pretty people ok?)

One of my favorite posts: Watch this interview with Tonya about her path to financial freedom

Bianca of MissMazuma

A flight attendant working toward FIRE, Miss Mazuma is a travel loving lady. I enjoy her stories about travel adventures like hiking the Camino de Santiago, as well as more financial oriented posts.

One of my favorite posts: Fuck it, it’s coddiwomple time

Cody of Femme Cents

Cody and her husband are working toward financial independence. Like many, they were living their lives somewhat on autopilot, not thinking about how to optimize their money so that eventually they had more options. But now Cody shares her strides toward more intentionality.

One of my favorite posts: 50 Reasons to Pursue Financial Independence

Gwen of Fiery Millennials

Gwen is a 20-something who is working toward financial independence and also cohosts a podcast. She recently quit her full time job and is now earning via her self-employment side hustles.

One of my favorite posts: Monthly Status Reports

Bonus: Financial Independence Books by Female Authors

Vicki Robin wrote one of the most influential personal finance books ever sold.  Your Money or Your Life was originally a NYT Bestseller in 1992, and has been revised and updated for 2018. She’s a really special lady. Listen to her interview with the Mad Fientist here.

Also be sure to check out Elizabeth Willard Thames’ book Meet the Frugalwoods!

Bonus: Financial Independence Podcasts by Women

There are several FIRE and financial independence podcasts hosted or cohosted by women. Here are a few I listen to:

Why a List of Female Finance Bloggers?

Who cares what gender you are? I really don’t.

Many of my favorite FIRE bloggers are male. And they are terrific.

But as a single female myself it does get a bit annoying that many favorite FIRE bloggers are either men or in a couple or both. Honestly, most of them are both. The majority also seem to be white, married and American or Canadian. Not that it reduces the value of their insights but it is nice to find someone you personally relate to, right? More than that I just like to see diversity.

The other thing about many of these FIRE bloggers being part of a couple is that it can have a huge impact on the details of the financial independence process. For example, double income can mean faster FIRE. On the flipside as another example, married couples with kids have expenses and situations that I can’t relate to as a single.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the wonderful male FIRE bloggers and the lovely couples with their kids. I simply like seeing increased diversity in this scene/cult with more singles and cool single chicks especially, as well as people of color, international bloggers and so on.

If you are looking for that too, follow along with me and I’ll share some of my experiences and insights while striving for financial independence! And pretending to be a cool chick…ha ha.

If you want to see an excellent list of female personal finance blogs, check out this list on Women Who Money.

Wanna learn to blog like a pro? Check out this blogging course from the awesome women of A Beautiful Mess.



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