25 Best Gifts for Digital Nomads

25 Best Gifts for Digital Nomads
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Is one of your friends or family members always traveling and working on the road?

Digital nomads usually like to travel light, so they might prefer a gift of cash or perhaps a donation to their travel fund instead of a “thing” they have to carry around.

That being said, some gear and gadgets are more useful than others and make a great gift for an avid traveler or digital nomad. Here are a few of my favorites, some of which are on my personal want list too!

25 Best Gifts for Digital Nomads

25+ Best Gifts for Digital Nomads & Travel Bloggers

• An external battery is endlessly useful, especially when you are on the road and using your phone to navigate and take photos. Check out the Yoobao and I also like this solar battery charger case for traveling digital nomads. These can be used to charge a phone, tablet and even some camera batteries.

• Travel towels fold up very small, are lightweight, and soak up a huge amount of water. They are great for drying long hair, and for drying off after a shower or a swim. For the minimalist packer this towel is a good option, and the larger Wise Owl is a great choice and can double as a beach towel.

• Recently I purchased these Eagle Creek Specter packing cubes and I have found them very useful. They compress a bit and save some space in the luggage but really they are wonderful because they keep your items organized and easier to find in your bag.

• Foldable lightweight tote bags are a fabulous addition for someone who is constantly traveling. They can be used to carry lunch and drinks onto a long train ride or to cart groceries to your Airbnb. Baggu makes some with cute prints that are very light and pack small.

25 Best Gifts for Digital Nomads: baggu

• Sometimes you’d like to go out exploring but you don’t want to carry a handbag or backpack with you. Check out the stretchy SPIbelt pocket belt that sits very close to your body and can be used to carry a phone, cash and cards for a night on the town, a jog through the park or a morning sightseeing stroll.

• An avid photographer needs a tripod but many travelers don’t like to carry one as they are bulky and heavy. See if your loved one would like a Joby GorillaPod.

• A GoPro is also a great gift for people who love taking photos. The GoPro Hero can be used underwater and is great for capturing videos of adventures like hiking, boat rides, climbing, biking… you name it! Perfect for the adventurous nomad.

• I always carry eating utensils in my bag. They come in handy when having an impromptu meal on the train, snacking in the bus station or enjoying a picnic with a gorgeous view. This collapsible cup could be used for sharing a bottle of wine on a boat or drinking water out of one of Rome’s fountains. A portable utensil set like this one would make a thoughtful gift.

25 Best Gifts for Digital Nomads: AvaLeisure COLLAPSIBLE TRAVEL CUP

• When traveling sometimes you crave that quiet time just being a zombie in front of a screen, and perhaps hearing your native language as well. A subscription to streaming services like NetflixHulu Plus or Amazon Prime Video can be a thoughtful gift to stave off homesickness. Plus the best gifts for digital nomads and travel bloggers are ones that they don’t have to squeeze into their bag.

• For most digital nomads, their laptop is everything. Help them protect it with a sturdy laptop case like this one.

• Likewise, bloggers and photographers will want to protect their camera gear. I love this weird looking neoprene camera cover I got on Amazon a few years ago. It resembles a jock strap but it protects my camera from bumps and knocks when I am carrying it in my backpack during the day. They make them for many different camera models and are inexpensive protection.

• In some places the tap water tastes amazing, and in others it’s rather funky. Save your loved ones from buying water in plastic bottles and give them these portable water flavoring concentrates. SweetLeaf Waterdrops are sweetened with Stevia or take a look at Stur Water Enhancers. If the water is unsafe to drink they may also like to use the LifeStraw portable water filtration device.


• If your friend doesn’t like to carry heavy camera gear, perhaps they’d like a lens set that slips over a smartphone to take fisheye and wide angle photos. Check out the Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens Set.

• Some kind of padlock always comes in handy when traveling. That extra security can be useful when traveling on buses and trains, and especially when staying in hostels and other shared spaces. A cable lock combo like this one is the most versatile. It’s what I carry.

•  It is wonderful to keep some kind of a travel journal when on the road. A Moleskin notebook makes a classic gift, especially when paired with a lovely pen. Or check out the darling I Was Here: Travel Journal for the Curious Minded. Or if you’re feeling flush, take a look at this cool Moleskine digitized writing kit that automatically transcribes scribbles on paper to a smartphone. Yeah I want that!

25 Best Gifts for Digital Nomads: i was here travel journal

•  If you know where your loved one is staying or headed next, maybe you can book them a massage or other pampering treatment at a local spa or hotel. Any hard working digital nomad would appreciate some down time to unwind.

•  A USB hub like this one would make an amazing gift for someone who has a ton of gadgets like a digital nomad.

25 Best Gifts for Digital Nomads: usb hub

•  I love to read, but I don’t always love spending money on a paper book that I am then going to leave behind since I don’t want to carry it when I’m finished. An ebook reader like the new Kindle Oasis is a wonderful travel accessory. If your loved one already has a Kindle, you could consider giving them a gift card or sending them an ebook via email. It’s a great option if you will not be able to physically meet with the recipient and can’t send them a gift in the post.

•  When constantly traveling it can be difficult to stick to a workout routine. Luckily there are many fitness apps that can simulate a group class with a teacher. I like the Yoga Studio and Pocket Yoga apps which would both make a great and inexpensive gift.

•  I always thought passport holders were just a fussy thing to dress up your identification until my passport started shredding on the edges. Argh! Now I use a passport protector, I like this one or this colorful one. If your loved one doesn’t have a passport protector it can make one of the best gifts for digital nomads and travel bloggers.

25 Best Gifts for Digital Nomads: passport holder

•  A digital nomad or travel blogger always needs extra storage for photos, files and other data. You can gift them an external hard drive like this rugged one, or buy them a cloud storage subscription on Dropbox or Google Drive.

•  Travel can be crowded and noisy, and sometimes when working on the road we need to concentrate in a busy place. Noise cancelling headphones are terrific for blocking out sound and allowing you to listen to a podcast or soothing music. These Bose QuietControl headphones are much less bulky than the traditional earmuff-y ones. On a somewhat related theme, if your gift recipient often sleeps in loud shared spaces like hostels, earphones like these Cozyphones can be extremely handy.

•  Is your special someone headed to a new city soon? Book them a guided tour at their destination! Maybe they love tasting local foods. Check out Culinary Backstreets. Perhaps they love art history. See if you can book them a private tour at a local museum. Get Your Guide has a huge number of tour options for every budget, especially for European destinations. Experiences are some of the best gifts for digital nomads, and travel bloggers can even use them for content! Oh and use the code “WKNDGD” to get 5% off Culinary Backstreets food tours.

•  Anyone who is a frequent traveler probably already has this, but if not, a universal travel plug would make a thoughtful gift that is used daily. The Flight 001 4-in-1 Adapter is colorful and cute, while the Loop worldwide adapter has built in USB plugs.

25 Best Gifts for Digital Nomads: travel adapter

•  Did you know that you can give Airbnb gift cards? What a wonderful present for someone who likes to stay in apartments on their travels. Check out the gift cards here and if you aren’t yet a member you can use this link to register and save up to $30 off your first reservation! Another related idea is booking a hotel for them or giving them a voucher to use anytime. A few nights at a nice hotel would be a wonderful gift, especially for a traveler who is on a tight budget.

Check out this post about getting the best deals on travel gift cards!

I hope this list of gift ideas for travel bloggers and digital nomads was helpful for you. Maybe you even discovered something nice to buy for yourself!


25 Best Gifts for Digital Nomads

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