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How to Save Money on Gift Cards

Are you looking for super cheap gift cards? Whether you are buying a gift card for someone else or to use yourself you can buy discounted gift cards online and save money.

There are many places that sell online printable gift cards as well as plastic gift cards at reduced prices. Buy these gift cards and use them to get a built in reduction in the purchase price whether you are shopping for groceries, new shoes or a vacation.

Read on and I’ll also share the best place to sell gift cards online if you have some that you cannot use, as well as other cheap gift card ideas.

Best Place to Buy Gift Cards Online

Here are the best sites to buy discounted gift cards for shopping online and in stores.  Shop across several sites to find the best discount for the cards you need. Sign up as a member to get discount codes in your email and to learn about special sales. is one of the best sites to buy gift cards online because they often offer the highest discounts. On top of their excellent discounts sometimes they will have sales with discount codes for even greater reductions in price.

How does it work? Check the website for the shop, gift card or category you are looking for. If has gift cards for sale you will see the card value amount, let’s say $50 and then the price that Raise is selling the card for, let’s say $48. You’ll also see the percentage discount.

There might be a range of discounts for the cards for one company, this is because the cards are often sold by individual sellers and they can set their own price. This also means that the prices might change from day to day depending on inventory. So if you see a good deal then act fast.

Sign up for now and get a $5 credit to use toward your first gift card purchase.

What’s great about They guarantee your purchase for one year. That means if the gift card doesn’t work or the balance is lower than what you purchased you’ll get a refund. A guarantee is important because gift card codes can be a tricky thing, and scams do occur.

Are you a fan of Swagbucks? If so then you will want to start using their sister site for super cheap gift cards called MyGiftCardsPlus.

This is one of the top gift card websites to buy discounted online printable gift cards for all of your shopping or to share with your loved ones.

Sign up for a Swagbucks account, and click over When you find a gift card you want to purchase you will see the discount in the form of Swagbucks points. These points accrue and you can use them to purchase more gift cards or have the cash deposited in your Paypal account.

Earning Swagbucks does not directly translate into a discount on the purchase of the gift cards, it is more of a rebate or cash back system. However if you already use Swagbucks this should appeal to you. For example, you can earn up to 12 Swagbucks per dollar when purchasing a gift card then booking your lodgings via the Swagbucks portal. That’s 12% off. To learn more about this read our guide to travel hacking with Swagbucks.


Cardpool offers super cheap gift cards and also gives a one year guarantee on the gift cards they sell. Their gift cards also don’t expire, but I’d use them within the first year to make sure that you are within the guarantee. Along with Raise, Cardpool is one of the top gift card websites and in fact they are owned by the same parent company.

Sign up here for Cardpool and get $5 off your first gift card purchase. You’ll also get emails that tell you about special sales.

Cardpool has printable gift cards and plastic gift cards for places like Best Buy, AMC Theaters, Target and Airbnb.

Gift Card Granny

At Gift Card Granny you can buy plastic or printable gift cards to be used online or in brick-and-mortar locations of all kinds. Give the cards as a gift or keep them for yourself to save money if you are on a budget.

If you join the Gift Card Granny rewards program you will also earn points for each card you buy that can then be used for further discounts on future purchases.

Gift Card Granny does not sell discounted cards directly but instead lists cards available at other sites which is great for comparison shopping. You’ll find cheap gift cards from popular brands like Target, Starbucks, Forever 21 and Sephora for as much as 17% off.

The discounts found on Gift Card Granny can be better than those on other sites. That’s because Gift Card Granny sells full priced cards directly from the merchants with guarantees as well as used cards from individual sellers and resellers that come with a more limited guarantee. Gift Card Granny also shows cards from other sites so is a good place to start your search when looking for the cheapest gift cards.


I’ve been a fan of eBay for a long time for both buying and selling stuff. You can find almost anything you want or need, and that includes the best deals on gift cards.

One thing that is great about eBay is that you can see reviews from other buyers for the seller you are considering. eBay also offers buyer protections and guarantees. Be sure to use the gift card within the limited time that you are protected by eBay however. Note that Paypal does not protect buyers or sellers of gift cards.

Shop eBay now for the cheapest gift cards in many categories from travel to fashion. You’ll find plastic physical gift cards as well as e-gift cards and gift certificates. EBay also sells their own branded gift cards for shopping on the platform.


You might be most familiar with RetailMeNot when you search for discount codes and coupons for shopping online. But did you know they also sell discounted gift cards? You’ll find gift cards for all kinds of shops, both online and at the mall.

Gift cards on RetailMeNot come with a 100 day guarantee.


GiftCardMall has a wide variety of cards and is a great place to shop if you can’t find the super cheap gift card you wanted. They have cards for groceries and gas, travel and shoes and even a selection of Visa gift cards that can be used almost anywhere.

The supply of discount cards at GiftCardMall depends on what sellers have available, so check back if the card you want is out of stock. They usually have full priced gift cards available for sale if you don’t see any discounted cards.

Although GiftCardMall mostly has new gift cards they do offer sales and rewards, so be sure to join their email list to hear about special deals.

If you have a business and would like to purchase bulk cards, check their sister site OmniCard.

Top Gift Card Websites for Selling Discount Cards

  • Sell your cards with Cardpool and get up to 92% of the value of the card. Become a member first and get $5 credit then sell your cards for cash. They accept store credit, used gift cards and egift cards and you can sell them online or at one of their locations. Once you provide the gift card details they will make you an offer, if you accept you will be paid with a check or with an Amazon gift card, your choice.
  • At Gift Card Granny you will get approximately 70% of the value of your card or gift credit. You can take it to a retail location or trade it in for another gift card.
  • Go to to sell unwanted gift cards and get paid with direct deposit, Paypal or a check. You can check the balance of your card and then set a selling price online.
  • eBay has long been my favorite place to sell almost anything from clothing to books. Why not sell your gift cards there too? It’s quick and easy and you don’t have to deal with a middleman. Just list your cards and let the bidding begin. You can also set a Buy It Now price if you don’t want to rely on bidding via auction.

Are Discount Gift Card Sites a Scam?

Are these gift card resale sites a scam? Definitely do some research before you buy and sell with these sites. Some people have not had the most positive experiences. If you are buying I would suggest using a credit card that offers excellent buyer protection in case the gift cards do not work and the company will not refund your money for some reason. I’d recommend checking out the company on Trustpilot or reading reviews online before purchasing or selling used gift cards online. Also I would not use the smaller sites, stick to the popular ones.

Other Ideas to Save Money on Gift Cards

If you want to save more money on discounted gift cards or find deals other than on online discount sites here are a few cheap gift card ideas.

  • One idea is to use your cash back or points credit card to purchase gift cards, whether those are cheap discount gift cards or full priced gift cards. Some credit cards offer special rewards when you shop at certain stores. Let’s say you get additional points or cash back when shopping at Staples, Target or Costco. Buy gift cards for other places from these shops and secure that discount in cash back or points from your credit card.
  • Do you shop at Costco? Check their gift card section for great deals on discounted gift cards for all kinds of things from restaurants to iTunes.
  • Use your credit card points to buy gift cards. In a way these are FREE gift cards, and nothing is better than free, right? For example, my American Express Reward points can be used to buy a wide variety of gift cards and gift certificates for places like Target, Walmart,, Home Depot and more.
  • Can I buy a gift card with a gift card? This is another method to save money. Let’s say you have a gift card to a store and don’t need to buy anything there. Maybe you can use that gift card to buy another gift card for something you actually want. For example, let’s say you have a Target card and would prefer a Starbucks card. Head to Target and go to their gift card section. Pick up the card you want and pay for it at the register. Note that this is more difficult to do online and some stores will not allow it. If you have a gift card already you could try to buy a gift card with another gift card, but I would not purchase a gift card with this plan. Many stores do not allow it to prevent fraud.


I hope this article helped you find the top gift card websites to buy or sell cheap gift cards and save money. Check out our travel hacking posts too.



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