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Working in Restaurants When They are Closed

Have you heard about the new trend in coworking spaces? Set yourself up for the day in a restaurant that is closed!

Working in Restaurants When They are Closed

It’s the perfect combination. A restaurant that only serves dinner is vacant all day long. Tables and chairs sit empty in fabulous, airy spaces. Usually there is already WIFI for patrons and staff. Why not put these empty rooms to good use for freelancers to use when the restaurants are closed!

You don’t have to be best friends with a restaurateur to get access to these places, there are companies who organize it all for you for a small fee. Check out a few we’ve found, and look in your neighborhood to find the perfect one for you!

CoWorking in Restaurants

Spacious finds empty restaurants in Manhattan and Brooklyn and plans to expand to other areas soon. For less than $100 per month you can access any of the restaurants on their list. This startup is getting a lot of press and plans to expand to other cities soon.

Switch Cowork is based in Austin and has a network of restaurants that are vacant during the day. And you even get free lunch!

Popices is a new startup in Amsterdam that utilizes unused space such as restaurants, bars and even boats for popup freelancer work locations. Get a day pass or sign up for a month with no commitments.

WorkEatPlay utilizes restaurant spaces for coworking with a slight difference from other services. The restaurants are open for business and serve breakfast and lunch to workers at regular prices. They are currently active in New York with plans to expand to other US cities like Washington DC, Miami and San Francisco.

CoworkCafe is like working in a coffeeshop, except you pay a membership to be there and the barista won’t give you a glare when you show up with your laptop day after day. Located in Arlington, Virginia with plans to expand to Fairfax, VA and Washington DC.

KettleSpace also uses restaurant and bar spaces in NYC during the day for coworking. Membership fees are under $50 month which gives access to the spaces plus free WIFI plus coffee, tea and snacks.

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ShareSpace is a coworking space by day in a restaurant called Mulebone in Washington DC. And guess what? It’s free! You can order food and drinks from the restaurant and use their free WIFI along with other digital nomads and local freelancers.

Two Paris is an innovate concept that is part restaurant and part coworking space. You can work there or eat there or both. With hourly and day rates as well as monthly and annual subscriptions it is great for visitors and locals in Paris.

Another upcoming trend is working space in hotel meeting spaces, business centers and even private hotel rooms. Sites like BeeWake and LiquidSpace list these locations, kind of like Airbnb for desk space.

Are you a freelancer or location independent? What’s your favorite place to work? 

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